Why would I want to be a Happy Sociopath?

Imagine for a moment not being inhibited by your concern for what other people think or feel. Imagine you could do or say whatever you wanted without suffering pangs of guilt or shame. Imagine you are basically fearless.  You no longer sweat the small stuff, for real.  Interpersonal minutiae just rolls off your back like water off a duck.  A sociopathic duck.  It’s as though you’re a happy drunk, but totally in control.  You can lie, manipulate, barter, steal, whatever it takes. Ethics and morals are not for you.  They’re silly.  And now imagine the world actually honoring you for your newfound freedom!  Rather than getting angry and locking you up, you are given respect, accolades, caché and money.  You get a promotion; you get a sexy trophy wife; you become a sexy trophy wife.  You get revenge; you finally stick it to “them.”  You get credit for amazing ideas that aren’t even yours. You become famous; you become mayor, governor, president.  This is the power of the sociopath.  This is why the sociopath is happy.

It is no coincidence that throughout history, mankind has been dominated and controlled by these fearless beings. Because, while not always liked, the sociopath is always respected.


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