What IS a Happy Sociopath?

First of all, a sociopath is not a crazed serial killer like Jeffery Dahmer or Ted Bundy.  Those are psychopaths.  Totally different.  Sociopaths are much more user-friendly.  They don’t (usually) bludgeon their victims, just intimidate, insult and manipulate them.  Sometimes it’s easy to see who the sociopath is, like in the case of your landlord or ex-husband, but very often you might not even be able to distinguish a Happy Sociopath from a high-achieving Miserable Sucker unless you have a window into their inner life.

The most impressive thing about the sociopaths in our midst is that they are reaping the rewards for their behavior – right here under your nose, in your office, your government, your family even.  They are rich, famous, powerful, in charge.  They are politicians, sports heroes, CEOs, hip-hop artists, and reality show stars.  They are Happy Sociopaths, and  you can become just like them!


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