Honored Happy Sociopath of the Week: Michael Lohan! (Lindsay Lohan’s Dad)


who cares what you think! I'm a rich celebrity!!!

“Coat tails, coke rails, I’ll hang on to whatever you got- Bring it bitches!”

That’s the kind of fatherly guidance that makes Michael Lohan The Honored Happy Sociopath of the Week!

Oh yeah, he’s a total scum bag. A lazy, perverted, violent, freeloading piece of trash, but he’s happy and he could care less what you think! He’s rich, he’s famous, he gets more press and more hot pastry then the president of France and we honor him for being a star Happy Sociopath!

Just last week, Michael (or Mikey as we like to call him) went public with his new plan to help Lindsay get off of drugs, he’s gonna open his own rehab center! Now a miserable sucker would worry that the world might think: “Hey you can’t open a rehab, you’re abusive, you’re a liar, you had a secret second family and you beat your kids, you’ve used your daughter’s addiction to get famous, you’re crazy, lazy and gross.” But not our Mikey!

Instead he is the perfect example of an Obvious Lazy/Ambitious Type of Happy Sociopath (OLAT). The most complex type of Happy Sociopath who are marked by their clear determination to be a big deal with no need for work or merit.* He is a rare specimen to behold! You don’t have to like him, but you gotta admit, what he does takes a very special talent for sociopathy!

Hopefully this new rehab stint will lead to a new reality show, and we can watch him and all his mind-blowing brilliance everyday! Fingers crossed…

Go get ’em Mikey!

*For more information about Happy Sociopathic Types, buy the book!


About Robin Reiser

Comedian, Writer and Author of world renowned self-servicing book, "The Happy Sociopath." You need it, really.
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One Response to Honored Happy Sociopath of the Week: Michael Lohan! (Lindsay Lohan’s Dad)

  1. le Singe says:

    this guy is a piece of work. My thought on the father of the year are here http://monkeybusiness1.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/the-father-of-the-year-is-back/

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