Donald Draper decends into Miserable Suckery

Don Draper decendes into Miserable Suckery

It used to be that Don Draper was a TV icon of Happy Sociopathy. In episode after episode of Mad Men he would carelessly cheat, swindle and screw with the most glamorous 60s panache. Women wanted him, men wanted to be him! He was a Sociopathic Super Hero, but no more.

Ever since he started digging around in his past he’s been getting softer and softer, ickier and ickier, until even his financial adviser wants to know what happened to his balls.  Clearly Don Draper (or whatever his real name is) has fallen off the golden sociopathic wagon, into the miserable muck and mire of suckery.

Making hookers slap you? Asking your wife and her new lover to pay rent while staying in your beautiful home- is that all you got Don?  And we’re all for making drunken use of your secretary, but this time it was desperate and lonely. Even Joey says Don is “pathetic.” Ouch.

Our soulless bosoms ache at the thought of losing Don to such feeble doormat-ism forever.

Happy Sociopaths, let the sucker formally known as Don Draper be a lesson to you! Misery is a powerful pit that will suck you into it’s depths when you least expect it. Everyone is at risk, even the chillingly sexy Don Draper, so beware!

Keep your guard up and your hearts cold.


About Robin Reiser

Comedian, Writer and Author of world renowned self-servicing book, "The Happy Sociopath." You need it, really.
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